Friday, September 28, 2012

Hunk of the Month Club: Gael Garcia Bernal

We had the hardest time settling on a hunk to celebrate this month, readers. It feels like lately, we've spent so much of our time exasperated over the lack of new hunks coming through the pipeline, and by how Big Movie expects us to believe people  like Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds are hunks, that there's barely been any time for true hunk reflection. I was about to suggest to J that we revisit Jimmy Bartel, what with it being the last week in September and  the Brownlow producers' apparent inability to give the audience what it wants.

But then inspiration hit. 

Gael Garcia Bernal.
Actor. Director. Mexican. Hunk.

I emailed J straight away and she said "Yes. He is a deadset hunk and I love him!" 

It's not hard to see why, readers. But lets explore it anyway.

K: Mate, when did you first discover GGB?

J: God, I remember the first time I saw GGB like it was yesterday. I was watching Amores Perros at the Kino and there he was. Like some kind of golden god. I was watching it with David and I could tell he was hating that movie so hard. That guy sure doesn't know a hunk when he sees one. 

Snaggle toothed and hot

K: Too bad, so sad, David. I feel sorry for people who can't (or won't) see the hunk in others. For me, there is no film experience more satisfying than one that delivers a new hunk in to my consciousness when I had no expectation of it at all. It's a rare and absolute joy. 

My first GGB experience was in Y tu mama tambien. Hot.

Of course, I had heard you talk about what a hunk GGB is, so I wasn't surprised when I saw him and found him to be a total hunk. But sometimes a little anticipation is a good thing too.

Mate, what do you think is the root of GGB's hunkiness?

Brooding and hot

J:Oh a movie with a new surprise hunk is one of the all time best things! I love that. But you are right, sometimes being a little primed for a hunk doesn't hurt. Y tu mama tambien is such a special movie of hunk. I mean, it is such a great film and GGB really, shall we say, shines.

That's a great question about the root of GGB's hotness. Let's break it down. Firstly, he is so pretty. That square jaw and big smile. Plus he can look adorable and doofusy, scary, sad hot, he does it all! Plus, an accent. And finally he's a hot Mexican. And you don't get to see that in a movie every day.

What do you think it is?

KI think GGB being as pretty as he is goes a long way. And so smiley. Miss Soft Crab has said it before and she'll say it again: A brooding hunk is great, but a smiling hunk is something else altogether. Often, hunks own one of these dimensions, and while they may dabble in the other, they tend to hold fast to their source. GGB is equal parts a brooding hunk and a smiling hunk. Equal parts! Again, it's a rare joy. 

I feel that we should note that GGB is 1.68 metres tall. This means that GGB is in fact, short. Obviously this kind of thing can be difficult for a gentleman. A real hunk-inhibitor. Not so with the GGB.

He manages to make being a short man a source of his hunkiness, not an impediment to it. He's a short, hot man.

Black and white and hot

J: It's true. It's almost as if GGB's height is an enhancement rather than inhibitor of his hunkness. To be a grade-A hunk at the height of 168cm proves how special a person is. 

Plus not only is GGB really damn pretty, but he also speaks 5 languages and has two babies with his wife. Quintlingual family man! Hot!

Shopping and hot

K: Oh man, what a guy. I'm pretty sure GGB is our first Quintlingual HotMC hunk. Lets just go through the list to be sure:
Paul Newman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Casey Affleck
Jimmy Bartel
Viggo Mortensen.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure none of those guys is a fiver.
But geez, look at that list and tell me does MSC know how to choose a hunk or does MSC know how to choose a hunk?!

Here's to you, GGB. Welcome to the HotMC family. 


  1. Actually K, according to Viggo Mortensen's wikipedia, "he speaks fluent English, Danish and Spanish; he is also conversational in French and Italian, and understands Norwegian and Swedish."

    So maybe you should do a bit more research next time.

    1. Man, I thought Viggo could be a fiver but I was too busy looking at pictures of GGB to check. IDIOT!

  2. and the snaggle tooth. he has the hottest snaggle tooth in the business.