Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Eat more eggs

Until a month or two ago I was still suffering the ill effects of having  a baby. And I'm not talking about a weak pelvic floor. 

Having babies is great. I love babies heaps. And mine seem to be particularly adorable. At least that's what I've found. But as I (along with most of the world) have lamented before it is not without its challenges and after the birth of Little Bean I was feeling particularly stretched (still not talking about my pelvic floor). I found it quite hard to use my brain or my time effectively. Or at all. And that was quite troubling to me. I was hoping I'd find a way out of the fog and wondered if there wasn't something I could be doing to help me find my way. And then one day someone, let's call her Yo, with a baby just a couple months older than Bean told me she'd been feeling much better since she'd had acupuncture. I've never had acupuncture but I've often thought about it. If nothing else, I do think that lying down and telling a hippy your woes while they soothingly talk to you and put needles in you could be restorative regardless of your yins and yangs. Yo, who is definitely a bit of a hippy herself, was so enthused I really started to get excited at the prospect of acupuncture sorting me out. And then she told me that she'd been acupuncturally reset. 'There's a reset for after you have a baby, it's in the perineum it hurts but it really puts everything back into alignment.' Well that was where my enthusiasm fell away. Now that my baby producing days are behind me I'm not letting any sharp implements near my perineum again. Luckily Yo had some more advice which was that her acupuncturist had suggested she start taking protein powder, that all the breastfeeding is a real drain and you need to up your protein! She said that this had also made her feel amazing and this, I thought, was something I could definitely do!! I felt pumped! I couldn't wait to add that protein powder to my day. Now I could feel amazing too! Until I started to think that taking protein powder would actually be a bit gross and maybe I should just make a concerted effort to eat more protein? 

So now I eat so many more eggs.  I try to eat them most days and as soon as I eat them I actually do feel pretty great. I don't know if it's just because they are delicious or satisfying or they are giving me a much needed protein boost or if it's just the good ol' placebo effect, I'll take the high anyway I can get it. Eggs 🍳🍳🍳🍳!

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