Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Late, but not never.

Hello crab friends.
It's a late update today due to KB's ongoing refusal to daytime nap and my reluctance to accept this new reality. 
Doesn't a double negative usually lead to a positive? Not in this case. 
Poor little KB. He really needs to sleep during the day but I think the super-disrupted routine of life without Appleheart is making it hard for him. He gets so grumpy and so discombobulated without a daytime sleep. At one point during the very long afternoon he burst into tears because I sneezed. It's pretty cute really. But not if you'r KB. 
Anyway, we're not here to talk about KB, we're here to talk about me, and the fact that I keep saying things that might be making people feel a bit shit. 
First exhibit:
I was taking a walk around the block during my lunch break and someone selling The Big Issue offered me a copy of The Big Issue. I smiled and said 'no thank you' because I didn't have any cash. He said "You might find you like it!" to which I replied "Better luck next time!". Which basically sounded like "you didn't make your case. You failed. Better luck next time". 
What I meant was 'I hope you have more luck with the next person', but sheesh, why do I have to sound like such a dipshit?

Second exhibit: 
KB and I were leaving his child care centre and passed the cleaner sweeping the floor. KB said "Broom! Broom!" and the cleaner was quite delighted and impressed with KB. I said "I don't know where he learnt that from, he's certainly never seen me with a broom!". Which basically sounded like "As if I would deign to do that". 
What I meant was 'I'm really shit and I never clean', but sheesh, why do I have to sound like such a dipshit?

I don't mean to make people feel bad, but I think I might. 
I've gotta work on that. 

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