Friday, June 2, 2017

Just do it!

This one time I googled Nike because I wanted to find out about the goddess but apparently that day a video of a man in a Nike jumper having sex with a woman on a footpath had got a lot of hits because a 'news' item about the video was at the top of my list. That's just by the by, really. The reason I was thinking about Nike was I wanted to know if she was a 'just do it' kinda gal. As the goddess of victory I guess she must have been somewhat that way inclined.

Anyway last night I went for a run. Last week my neighbour suggested we go running together one night a week and last night was that night. Guys, it was awesome. For so many reasons.

1) Physically I felt great!
2) Spiritually I felt great!
3) Dinner tasted so great afterwards!
4) It was so effing cold outside but it was invigorating!
5) It was totally legit to have a shower afterwards. A hot night time shower in winter is one of life's finest simple pleasures and it was great!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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