Thursday, May 11, 2017

Another day, another fuck up

Last night I wrote a very long and confessional blog post about how having three children is quite hard. About how I once heard a woman tell another woman that the transition from one child to two is so much harder than the transition from two to three and how I expected that to be the case. And it is the case. The transition from two to three is much easier. It's life that's much harder.

Because I was writing it on my phone I wrote it as an email to myself so I could copy and paste it on the computer into Blogger. But that email is not in my inbox or my outbox or my sent box or my drafts. It has just disappeared. The post was all about how hard it is to do anything with your brain when you have three small children, including a baby, except keep you and them functioning in a way you feel moderately happy with. How it's difficult to work effectively or write a reasonable blog post or organise extracurricular activities. So it's a pretty fucking cruel twist of fate that this blog post I put so much energy into has disappeared. Cruel twist of fate or a result of my insufficient mind.

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