Friday, April 28, 2017


First things first, let's clear some things up from earlier in the week. No, I didn't eat a lot of cheese on Tuesday night, so my cheese dreams came as quite a surprise. I did, however, eat a lot of cheese last night to see if I could make myself have crazy cheese dreams again, but not so much as a turn-up-at-work-naked dream was had. Just goes to show that cheese dreams can strike at any time. 

And now it's Friday! Hooray! Back in the day, J had a great Friday playlist that she would listen to on her Friday morning commute and it was basically a recipe for a party mood. I wish I had that playlist now. But I don't. But here are two songs I will listen to today. 

The first is for the mellow mood at the start of the day. It's September Song  performed by Lou Reed. Even though it's called September song, it evokes autumn so it's appropriate for the Southern Hemisphere April/May. 

The next one is far from mellow. It's for when you're in the mood to crack this day open like a fancy dessert form Masterchef that looks like a golden orb but when you crack it has something oozey and delicious inside. It's He'll never be an old man river by TISM. 

Have a nice weekend, Crabbies. 

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