Monday, December 19, 2016

The pyjama question

Me wearing pyjamas in the streets (of my DREAMS!)

If you read fashion blogs you’d be aware that a couple of years ago people started wearing pyjamas out on the street. Or at least on the streets in front of fashion shows. Although some highly glamorous women seemed to be pulling this look off to an extent, it seemed far too stupid for me and a movement I essentially ignored. Until last week when I bought a new pair of pyjama pants for summer. They are wide legged and white cotton with navy stripes and I felt so delighted when I put them on I felt like I never wanted to take them off and the crisp whiteness made me wonder if maybe I didn’t have to.

I’d have thought of myself as a person that would never again wear a wide leg pant but pyjamas are so special. Plus I’m still trying to figure out how to dress in this post-pregnancy body. You’d think I’d have some better ideas by this third baby but I don’t. I should probably go back and read some old blog posts to see if there are any clues in there. At the moment I am blessed with an actual baby that actually sleeps through the night. I have to say I always thought this was a bullshit thing that people with grown up children who couldn’t remember what babies were like would say but Whoopsee legit sleeps through the night and it’s great. I love her for it, but not having constant demand for my breast milk means that I may actually have to do something  about losing this pregnancy weight like stop eating ice cream or start exercising more rather than trusting my baby to literally suck the fat out of me in a beautiful symbiotic relationship between their weight gain and my loss. 

Or maybe I don’t have to stop eating ice cream at all! Maybe I can just start wearing pyjama pants. I mean, I don’t want this to turn into a slippery slope to obesity (though if I'm being honest I’m also very drawn to mumus) but I just don’t know how to dress right now. Naturally there would be a few barriers I’d have to overcome if I were to start wearing pyjamas in public. Like self respect (luckily there isn’t that much there for me to over come). LB’s inevitiable inability to cope with it (I once wore tracksuit pants out to coffee - styled pretty well I may add and it was all I could do to get him to walk beside me to the cafe). And the fact that the pyjama pants in question look exactly like pyjama pants.

It's weird how one can apparently wear any crazy shit if you're going to a fashion show where everybody there will check out your kit and probably judge you but walking down the streets of Collingwood I feel like I'll be far more judged wearing crazy shit. But maybe no one cares. Lord knows I don't. Let them wear cake I always say. Still there's a big difference between sitting in a room fantasising about wearing pyjamas on the street and actually doing it. Mind you, by the end of last summer I was wearing a t-shirt with my brother's face screen printed supersize across the front and I sure as hell hadn't seen that coming so let's check back on the pyjama situation in a couple of months.

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