Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Questions of the week (AM)

This week I've been asking myself some deeply scientific questions. 

You know how sometimes species evolve really quickly, like over only a few generations? Do you think the human nesting urge could have evolved to include an urge to go to Ikea? I'm pretty sure that after maternity hospitals Ikea has the highest concentration of pregnant women in Melbourne and suspect that is probably true if Ikeas around the world. Scientists, can evolution work this quickly?

Are people really as fucked as polls would have us believe. Yesterday ABC radio was reporting that 49% of people surveyed said they believed Muslim immigration to Australia should be stopped. Wtf is wrong with people?! But on a similar note Catalyst said the other night that more people would prefer to leave their sense of smell than access to technology. Then they showed a few vox pops to support this. I don't know about the science of either of these surveys so I'm dubious. But having had barely any sense of smell this week can I resoundingly say what I would have said regardless: without smell you are so disconnected fir your surroundings and experiences.  Smell is a mammalian (and other creature) sense. Evolutionarily developed. For a reason. To give up an inherent sense for technology?!?! Wtf is wrong with people??!?

Apparently Brangelina have actually broken up. Can you believe it!?*

*actually I'm not that surprised and I don't care at all but I thought while we're asking questions we may as well go here. 

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