Thursday, August 4, 2016

Edward II (PM)

Wow, sounds like K really liked that play Edward II. I've seen posters for it around. I give the poster 3 stars. I can't rate the play because I never go to the theatre. Unless Appleheart has written the play and I feel obligated. Just jokes. I love going to Appleheart's plays. I'd like to go to the theatre more but I'd like to go to the cinema more too. And go out to dinner. And see my friends more. You know, just do normal things that a person of time and means can do.

Next week my mum and dad are babysitting so I can go have dinner with a bunch of parents' of kids from Baby's class. Probably the last time they babysat was for the same reason. My priorities are warped. On some subconscious level, because I know what my conscious priorities are, and yet somehow they are not what gets played out in my life.

So enjoy Edward II someone other than me!

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