Thursday, August 18, 2016

Diversification (PM)

My phone is pretty effed at moment and after already having it fixed once I'm thinking about getting a new one. I said to LB the other day that maybe I should just buy a iPod Touch for music and photos and buy a burner for telecommunication purposes and tiny bills, but then as I sat in a waiting room for 45 minutes waiting for an appointment I wondered what I would do if I couldn't look at Instagram. Read a book I guess. Still it made me doubt my new plan.

Anyhow, I don't have that much to offer in the way of Instagram accounts to follow. I follow a bunch of food-based accounts myself. I used to follow a bunch of clothing label accounts but I had to ditch most of them as they just made me want to go shopping all the time. So although I follow 251 accounts I have no idea what they are. There are a bunch of my friends of course. And a bunch of celebrities that I don't really care about but weirdly ended up following on Instagram (Olivia Wilde!? Chris Pratt!?). The Royal Family via a couple of accounts. An astronaut, NASA and the International space Station (I love spaaaaaae!), a bunch of museums (the Smithsonian, the British Museum). These accounts are actually great for when you are sick in bed because they usually have long and interesting captions to their pictures.

Back to food though, Ottolenghi posted this picture of lime cheesecake the other day which he said was for a new baking cookbook.

Needless to say I have thought of little else except this promised cookbook since.

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