Thursday, October 29, 2015

Emojitastic (AM)

I know that the latest update for iPhone's  operating system came out a week ago or something but I was on holidays, OK, with nothing but a 3G internet connection. I couldn't update until I got home on Monday night. And even then there were issues, mainly that my phone was too flat to install it and I couldn't find a charger for, like, an hour but eventually I got that new iOS on my phone and I couldn't be happier! I was pretty much gagging for it by that time. I'd seen the new taco and burrito emojis on Instagram and then Chickpea texted me asking if I'd done the update. She added a bunch of cheese emojis but without the update they just came through as weird little arrows. 

I'm a pretty heavy emoji user and not a week goes by that I don't lament the absence of a certain emoji. Usually facial expressions or hand gestures or cheese, but there are other foodstuffs that I couldn't believe were missing too. Like pancakes and chillies. But this update, you guys!!! This update!! Sure there is still no pancakes but the cheese! The taco! And the chilli!!

But then there are the emojis you didn't even know you wanted! A crab! Scorpion! A patch of grey rainy sky! There's even a Chickpea emoji! But sadly no chickpea emoji. 

After I updated my phone Chickpea and I spent about half an hour texting about the new emojis. The range is so good you guys! You must update immediately! As Chickers and I concluded:

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