Thursday, June 19, 2014

The confession (PM)

Damn right I wish I watched Toy Soldiers last night. I wish I was watching it right now! I goddamned love that goddamned film. I wonder whether it stands the test of time, and the test if adulthood. I saw The Goonies again a couple of years ago, another Sean Astin classic, and it really does not stand the test of adulthood. 
 Oh my god, would you have a look at that!!

But I think Toy Soldiers would be different. Was it, Mate? Was the bit you watched as awesome as ever?
You know, Appleheart met the man who wrote and directed Toy Soldiers earlier this year. True story. He went to America for work and somehow met the man who wrote Toy Soldiers. I tried to act cool when he told me, but it was hard because OMG Toy Soldiers.

Anyway. Sorry to hear your bathroom is so cold Matey. The shittiest thing about winter is the fact that you have to start thinking twice about the most basic of tasks, like going to the toilet and having your skin touch cold porcelain surfaces. Ugh. What a menace that old Jack Frost is.

And don't worry about not always having a fully formed idea to post about. Look who you're talking to! When do I have a fully formed idea about anything?!
Never, that's when.

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