Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I know and like (AM)

Can you believe it's almost time for me to leave Wales? Me neither. This time next week I'll be packing my bags and getting ready to say "nos da, Cymru", which is Welsh for "goodnight Wales" which is not technically accurate because I'm flying out in the afternoon, but I don't know the Welsh for goodbye. 

I feel funny about leaving, because I feel like I haven't got to know the place in the way I thought I would, back when I was going to be here for six months. I'm leaving to do some great things, like spend six weeks in Belfast and Dublin, then a month each in Londan and Scotland and a month of summer holiday, so it's not a problem per se. But I thought I'd know Wales better, and instead I just know it a little bit, and because I like everything I know I feel like heck, I wouldn't mind knowing more. But let's focus on what's in this half full glass. One of the things  I know about Wales is that they have lots of rain, which gives them lots of green grasses, which makes the dairy food really excellent.

That's a very happy cow I encountered in North Wales last week. I don't think I ate it's dairy, but I ate some of it's cousins' dairy. The butter is the best thing since sliced bread and obviously goes beautifully with sliced bread. The cheese is off the charts, especially this cheese we found called snowdonia red dog cheese that has chilli in it and every bite has this excellent blend of heat and creaminess. The milk begs to be gulped from the carton every time one passes the fridge. 

The sheep are really cute. I know that too.

I know and like that sandwiches are always served with little lettuce garnish and a side of crisps. I'm going to miss that actually. But, happily I've developed a welsh ploughman's concept that will keep the trend alive. 

Oh, sheesh guys, my dinner's ready so I gotta go. I have to say, I kind of like how I am in a different timezone and get to write this at 7:30pm on Wednesday night and send it to you in the future! But that's not very Welsh, I just like it is all. 

Bye for now. 

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