Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Winter Question (Another day)

Hi everyone, sorry I'm late. Monday was a public holiday in Wales you see, so we went to Snowdonia again and there was no phone reception, no wifi, no nuthin. But now I'm back and can turn my attention to this topic which I think about all the time, but particularly while in the UK where my hair seems to look especially s#$thouse.

My very strong view is that it's possible to wear a winter hat and look very good wearing one. I also think you, Mate, wearing a nice hat on  top of your nice curly hair would look really great. I think the problem is that most female winter hat wearing is done by people who are making some kind of statement, such as "look at me, I'm a free spirit, I'm wearing a hat". Dickheads, if you will. The hat is a way for them to express themselves, not a single piece in an ensemble that serves a purpose while also looking quite lovely. No. Most of the time when people wear hats, they are doing so because they want it to be very clear and apparent that they are the type of person who would wear a hat, they are indeed wearing a hat and that it's very important that people notice them wearing the hat. Gosh darn it's annoying. And it means the female winter hat has become a bit of a symbol of annoying people. They're ruining hat wearing. But there are exceptions, of course, and I think you could be one of them, Mate.

But it won't be easy. You'll be up against it. But if you find the right hat, Mate. If you find the right hat I think you can do it. The question for me, now, is where the heck does one start looking for a winter hat?

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