Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm in a place called Corlette. It's an hour north of Newcastle. My word New South Wales knows how to make a nice beach.
Last night KB, Appleheart and I we were playing with a ball down by the water and three pelicans came along. It was very exciting and they were incredibly cute with their waddly way of walking and spiky feathers. I was loving watching them until one of them got a little bit too close to KB for my liking and I started thinking that if any of them tried to hurt KB they were going to get cut.
It was a slightly confronting moment among all the beauty and serenity. Of course it didn't come to that because I didn't have a knife. Jokes! They didn't try to get KB because they are pelicans and have no interest in a small baby.
It's going to be 32 up here today. Like a proper summer day.
Everything seems better when it's sunshiny. 

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