Thursday, June 18, 2015

What now? (PM)

Wow, this morning's post raised so many questions. But it made me think some other things too, like if I was a cardinal who had helped cover up the abuse perpetrated on hundreds or thousands of victims and I really believed in the teachings of Catholicism and I just kept on rising through the Catholic ranks till I got moved over to Italy and handed a Vatican credit card I would be nervous as fuck about what was awaiting me in the afterlife.

But that's by the by I guess. I don't believe in God (although the idea of one that just keeps rewarding a-holes in this life to lull them into a false sense of security before handing them over to Satan in the afterlife amuses me. But in reality that would be a total abuse of his or her omnipotence that I couldn't support. ) I just believe in treating people well, not effing them over, you know, being excellent to each other. But I also believe in sense. You know, you want to look after people, but you  gotta understand the parameters of the world.

If you found a wallet with money it, $10, $90, $1000, you'd try and find the owner or you'd hand it in to the police station. Or you do both. Once I found a wallet in from of my house and I tracked down the owner on Facebook and told her which police station I'd taken her wallet to. Boy did I feel good about myself. If you found a bag with heaps of cash in it, you'd take that to the police station too. But $90 sitting in the street, the person that lost that knows they are never getting it back. Lost cash is one of life's little mysteries and tragedies. When you lose a bit of cash like that you wonder how you could have been so foolish. You look around, and if you find a message saying "Hey! Did you lose something here? I found it, please call me." Then you call the number on that sign. Presuming you left a number. You left a number, right mate? But there is no way a person is hanging on to the hope of finding that $90 two weeks after they lost it. You have to make peace with lost cash basically the day you lose it because you know there is no way it is coming back to you.

That money is yours mate. 

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