Monday, February 17, 2014

This post is not about McConaughey (PM)

 It's funny, because as K says, you would totally think that Mitch Kramer was my type, "...a baby-faced Adidas loving awkward teen" that has me written all over it. And sure, who didn't love Mitch Kramer, making his way in this new high school world? But you know what with McConnaughey and Adam Goldberg being totally awesome and hilarious in that movie, as if I was paying much attention to Mitchey. Plus Wiley Wiggins always seemed like a poor man's Joseph Gordon Levitt to me. And when I say always, I mean, briefly, because it is not as if I think about him, except when I watch Dazed and Confused. And, as previously mentioned, I’m not even thinking about him that much when I watch it because I’m too busy waiting for McConnaughey to get on my screen.

My feelings about McConnaugey are complicated. I love him in D&C, but all that getting around shirtless and making of just unwatchable movies made him pretty off-putting. But he does seem to be redeeming himself with some actual decent films now. And did I mention Dazed and Confused? Yeah, McConnaughey, I guess you’re ok by me. 

So, sure Wiley Wiggins is not the guy he used to be, but at least he can be happy he didn't end up like Jason "Randal 'Pink' Floyd" London.


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  1. You guys should try True Detective for a big juicy mouthful of quality McConnaughey. Strawbs got me onto it last night. I was always was swayed by his repulsive shirtless rom-com persona but he's great in True Detective. It's kind of like True Blood, but with detectives instead of vampires.